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Why there are cracks on the breast?


Some mothers encounter the cracks in the breast or nipple area, which are unpleasant, rather painful and uncomfortable. The cause of such painful onsets may be an incorrect application of the baby to the breast, and as a result the baby will take a breast incorrectly. In this case, it is quite easy to eliminate the cause - you just need to learn how to properly put the baby to the breast. The second cause of painful problems with the breast may be excessive dryness of the skin, as a result of excessive frequent washing of the breast with the use of soap. Then it is necessary to reduce the frequency of hygienic procedures and to abandon the use of soap by washing the breast with clean warm water. It is not superfluous to buy a special ointment for healing the delicate skin of the breast. There is a large assortment of such ointments in the drugstores and applying them you will have a therapeutic effect on the breast, without interrupting breastfeeding.


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