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Why does lactostasis appear and how to fight it?


Lactostasis is the stagnation of milk in the ducts of the mammary glands, accompanied by discomfort and painful sensations. There might be painful sensations in the mammary gland, densities and skin redness in the breast areaare also observed. The causes of lactostasis can be as follows: incorrect application of the baby to the breast (due to which the baby can not fully suck the milk out of the chest); close underwear (bra), which may squeeze some ducts of the mammary glands; feeding the baby from the bottle; breast supercooling. If you do not take care of lactostasis in time, it will grow to mastitis.
In order to prevent the occurrence of lactostasis, it is necessary to monitor the correctness of application of the baby to the breast, to breast-feed the baby on demand, to prevent bottle feeding, to keep the breast warm, to wear a supporting but not squeezing laundry. If, for some reason, there is a stagnation of milk, then you need to do regular massage of the sick breast and more often put a baby to it, and even to express, if the child's efforts are of no use. If necessary, seek medical advice.


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