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Is it allowed to take Amfetamine Aspartate during lactation?
Is it safe for a nursing mother and a child?

A sympathomimetic drug and central nervous system stimulant, it has a similar action and uses to its isomer dextroamphetamine.It is used in the treatment of narcolepsy (Wise, 2007) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and is also used as an illegal drug (Oei, 2012; Bartu, 2009). It is excreted in breast milk, concentrating between 2 and 8 times more than in plasma (FDA, 2017; Steiner, 1984). This concentration, although it could be significant (Bartu, 2009), assumes a relative dose between 2% (Öhman, 2015) and 13.8% (FDA, 2017). In infants whose mothers were taking amphetamine as narcolepsy treatment, low plasma levels (Öhman, 2015) and urine (Steiner, 1984) were measured and no problems were observed in the clinical follow-up of these infants (Öhman, 2015; Steiner, 1984). There is little information on the impact of amphetamine abuse on the development and health of infants (Oei, 2012, Wise, 2007; Moretti, 2000), but it is known that they are more exposed to social problems, domestic violence, and lower breastfeeding rates (Oei, 2010). To minimize the risk, it is estimated that 48 hours should pass after the last amphetamine-based recreational use, before breast-feeding (Bartu, 2009). There is controversy over the possibly mild negative effect of amphetamine on prolactin (Petraglia, 1987; DeLeo, 1983), but milk production in mothers who took it therapeutically was not affected (Öhman, 2015). During breastfeeding, the therapeutic use (narcolepsy, ADHD) of amphetamine can be assessed, using the lowest possible effective dose and monitoring the occurrence of irritability, insomnia, lack of appetite and weight loss. Its use as an illegal drug is totally discouraged (Oei, 2012).



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Types of risk

It is allowed while breastfeeding. It is not dangerous for a baby. It is moderately safe. more...

Possible presence in breast milk is allowed. Follow the doctor's recommendation. more...

An unsafe drug, it is necessary to assess the risks while taking. Use safer analogs. more...

It is not recommended. You need to stop breastfeeding or choose a safe analog. more...

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